22 Rimfire Bench Rest
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The 2020 South Fork 100 yard .22 Benchrest Rifle League will start in 1 June 2020. Now that Cambria County has moved into the Yellow phase, we will use the CDC guidelines to hopefully mitigate any exposure to Covid 19. 

We will have handsanitzer available to shooters, and shooters are encouraged to bring anything that they feel will help them to lessen exposure. Facemasks are suggested, but are not required. That is up to the shooter and what he or she feels is necessary for their safety.

Social distancing is required and as such, there are 15 benches on the range. Competitors need to sign up for a bench. They then can place their equipment on that bench. When league firing for score starts, all targets will be posted, but only odd number benches will fire first. Then, when time is up for them, the second relay will fire on the even number benches. After firing is completed for both sets of benches, all targets will be replaced and those that are signed for the third and fourth relays may place their equipment on the benches and get ready for the next relay.

Scoring will be done on the far right of the range. Only the scorer and a person posting scores on the league sheet will be in this area.

As usual guns will have bolts removed and empty chamber flags installed before anyone goes downrange. 

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy and remain so. We also feel that we need to continue to participate in activities that we enjoy, as long as we can do it safely. Hope to see all of you on the range!

Jeff Lloyd