Rod Morton. Shown with a 2019 "Good Shootin' Award" certificate for 500 Sierra bullets. Rod also holds the Custom Class record with a score of 164, and shot a score of 58 at 300 yards in the process!
Paul Scanlan. Shown with a 2019 "Good Shootin' Award" certificate for 200 dollars off a McMillan stock. Paul has also set the Factory Benchrest Class record the last 2 years with scores of 142 (2019) and 146 (2020)The winning rifle is a Savage, Model 12, 6BR, 8 twist shooting 108 gr. bullets.
Joe Reffner. Shown with a perfect score of 60 on the 100 yard target.
The 15 covered-benches 
firing line at a Peeking
Groundhog match.

John "Gunny" Rainey. Gunny is the record holder in the AR Class with a score of 134, shot in 2019. The winning rifle has a White Oak upper, Bushmaster lower, 1:8 twist, .223, shooting 69 gr. Bergers
Nate Glover. A perfect score of 60 shot with a 6 PPC. Nate finally realized that it is really difficult to squeeze a 30 cal hole into that extra-score space.
Jeff Gates. Jeff was the first shooter to score a perfect 60 on the 100 yard target. Imagine what he could do with a few more sighters!!
Jeremiah Keefe. There is often plenty of bright sun and mirage to go around at Southfork....that is the reason for starting all the matches with the 300 yardage. 
Al Bryne. Thanks for all the things you do around here.
​Ron Gresco (left) and Al Croft.These men and Paul Scanlan (not shown) are the target crew for all the matches. We are all grateful for their hard work.
Alan Brandon(left) and Fred Kaminsky. This is our scoring team....famous for their laser vision.
2019 AGGREGATE COMPETITION CLASS WINNERS, LEFT-TO-RIGHT: Nate Glover, third place Custom  Class, selected an Edgewood Gator Rear Bag. Rod Morton, first place Custom, selected NF certificate for 50% off a Competition Scope. Ron Gresco, first place Factory Class, selected a Bryan Swentosky free chamber job. John Rainey, first place AR Class, selected an Edgewood Mini Gator Rear Bag. Joe Reffner, second place Custom Class, selected a Joe Cowan Rear Rest. Paul Scanlan (not shown), first place FBR Class, selected a McMillan stock 200 dollar certificate.
2019 AGGREGATE COMPETITION DRAWING WINNERS. LEFT-TO-RIGHT: John Marr, 21st Century Priming Tool and shell holder. Marty Naworol, Two boxes of Peterson brass. Jeremiah Keefe, custom airline-approved rifle case. Tom Kettler, BAT certificate for choice of any rings. Brandon O'Donnell, 200 dollar McMillan stock certificate. Rich Gregorchik, Vortex HD binoculars. Alan Brandon, 200 dollar McMillan stock certificate. Fred Kaminsky, 200 dollar McMillan stock certificate. Sam Salyards, 50% off any Sierra bullets, 500 dollar max. Al Byrne, BAT certificate for choice of any rings.
Rod Morton. Shown with the first perfect 60 score on the 300 yard target. This 5-round group was shot with a 6 PPC. The"extra points" (pupil) part of the eyeball is only 0.40 inches in diameter, and scores 12 points per hit.
Before I started running this match, my hair was brown.
June, 2020 Match....Joe Stewart comes out of retirement. Everyone was happy to see Joe. No one was happy to see Joe's PPC
THANK YOU TO THE 31 SPONSORS OF THE SIX, 2020 PEEKING GROUND HOG MATCHES....We received over 24000 dollars worth of shooting merchandise and services from these sponsors. All of these donations are presented to the match competitors through random drawings, "Good Shootin' Awards", and an Aggregate Score competition. Emphasis is on giving EVERY shooter an equal opportunity to win these awards. Go to the "Match Sponsors for 2020" tab on the web page for a complete listing of these generous donors and their contributions.
2020 AGGREGATE CLASS WINNERS. LEFT TO RIGHT....9 AWARDS: Jeremiah Keefe, first place, Custom Class, selected a Sightron, model SVSSED. Nate Glover, second place, Custom, selected a Bartlein barrel. Joe Stewart, third place, Custom, selected a Bartlein barrel. Jack Balon, fourth place, Custom, selected two boxes of Lapua brass. Mike Redin, fifth place, Custom, selected 400 dollars off an AMP annealer. Fred Kaminsky, sixth place, Custom, selected 500 Sierra bullets. The seventh shooter from the left, John Rainey, should not be in this photo. The eight person from the left is Paul Scanlan, first place, Factory Benchrest Class, selected 400 dollars off an AMP annealer.  Ron Gresco, first place, Factory Class, selected 500 Sierra bullets. Larry Henry, first place, AR Class, selected 200 dollars off Wilson Reloading tools.

2020 AGGREGATE DRAWING WINNERS. LEFT TO R..... 14 AWARDS: Al Byrne, selected a 50 % off Vortex certificate. Joe Clark, selected a 200 dollar off Mcmillan Stock certificate. Tom Kettler, selected a Long Shot Camera Systems certificate. John Rainey, selected an Edgewood Gator rear bag. Brandon O'Donnell, selected a 50 % off Forster Products certificate. Rich Gregorchik, selected a 50% off Vortex certificate. Jim King, selected a 50 % off Vortex certificate. Jeff Gates, selected a RCBS Brass Prep Station. John Marr, selected a 50 % off Forster Products certificate. Joe Reffner, selected a 50% off Forster Products certificate. Therese Hollen, selected a Master Class stock. NOT SHOWN are Alan Brandon, Sam Salyards, and Josh Haskins. Alan chose a Shadetree coaxial rest top. Sam chose a 50 % off Vortex certificate. Josh chose a RCBS Rockchucker reloading kit.
Jeremiah Keefe. Won the most expensive individual donation for 2020.....a Sightron, model SVSSED, 10-50x60, 34 mm, benchrest scope. This optic is valued at 2400 dollars. Jeremiah won this scope because of his first place finish in the Custom Class Aggregate Competition with a combined three-match score of 461.
Al Byrne and Brandon O'Donnell are solving the world's problems between relays
Who said that you couldn't shoot a 60 with a 30 caliber? I shot this target at the August, 2021 match